3rd Week in England – New YouTube Account Sunday, Oct 23 2011 

Sorry I haven’t been on board with this blog. I’ve been in England for the past 3 weeks and for some reason I just haven’t felt like I’ve found my “groove” so to speak. I’ve been feeling rather unsettled. Not remembering what day it is, barely using my laptop.. and pretty much just working on GamingUnion stuff all week. I don’t really know why I’ve been so out of sorts… perhaps because this is the first time I’ve actually lived here rather that just spent 2 weeks. Amazingly enough… by now, I would’ve already been home had this been one of my normal adventures.. that scares me even more.. how fast it takes for nearly a month to pass. I’ve been chatting with my family every now and then which has been nice but i’ve found it to be really complicated to adjust to the time differences. I don’t hate it here though.. it’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just like being in a University situation.. finding your nitch. Although, uni is a bit different as you actually have access to your own desk whereas now I have to really mesh myself in my boyfriend’s room which has been a bit challenging for me. You don’t realize how much you want your own shelves/drawers until you don’t have them. I’d kill for a file cabinet. But oh well. I have a strong belief that when my boyfriend and i have our own place it’ll be a lot easier to settle in. :3

Anyways.. lately I’ve been playing a lot of video games for review.. it’s been pretty cool. Comparing games and contrasting games. Those that are well made.. those that are just plain terrible.

But aside from that.. I’ve started a new youtube account. It won’t be dedicated to my usual fan dubs/GUVs but instead dedicated to my studying shodokan aikido. It’s an interesting project my boyfriend and I came up with where I’ll be updating each week with progress on how I’ve improved in Aikido. I’ve only just started so there’s just the introduction video up and a new one should be up some time tomorrow where I talk a bit about my experiences in my first two lessons this past week. So if you can, check it out! I can’t wait to see how it does. I really hope it can help anyone who is interested in training in a martial arts/aikido specifically.

Speaking of which… I’m really freaking sore.. and still need to write two articles for GU by tomorrow… ❤


“Best” Friendship Trials and Tribulations Sunday, Oct 9 2011 

There are moments, and hopefully for everyone’s sake, they’re few, where your close friendship with another person reaches a point that you need to make a choice… Keep them close, or back off.

I’ve had a few of these myself.. and yes, i’ve chosen the back off route before, but somehow everyone thinks this option is bad unless if this person is just a bad influence on you with regards to drugs and other such addictions… but for those of us with sound mind, why is it so odd to find that someone just does not have your best interest at heart. My nana often stresses the need for friends, but I feel as though, there are the right friends then there are the not so right friends. The right friends are those like in Sex and the City; they have their own opinions and they butt heads at times, but all in all, they have each other’s backs. Bad friends are those who don’t. Those who’d be more than willing to throw you under the bus or convince others that you are in fact a bad person.

It’s weird to think that this sort of thing would happen to myself as i’m a bit of an open book.. but man, if you have someone who can alter the truth and over exaggerate it just a little bit, you’re looking at a really tough time ahead. Jealousy is always a big factor in this.. someone’s angry at the fact that the other person has someone so in order to cement this friend in singlehood forever, they have chats with this person’s significant other in an effort to “reveal” all that’s bad about the person they are dating. It’s really unfortunate that people go these lengths to do that to others… but those kinds of things happen, i suppose.

So in conclusion, i believe that, yes you should have friends, but find friends who’re more than happy that you’re happy… not ones who wish to make you miserable.

1st Day in England ::: Jet-Lagged Thursday, Oct 6 2011 

So I’m here now in England 🙂

Have experienced a heavy amount of jet lag unfortunately. Spent most of the day sleeping and wasting the day away. Hopefully i’ll be a bit more productive tomorrow… esp. since I’ve now found the instant coffee stash :3

Getting over was ok. Had a ton of turbulence though.. and boy… did I get a scolding at customs.. I mean I understand why they do it..  trying to save their country from being invading by immigrants who don’t have a right to be there… but ugh.. when you’re not expecting their questions to be so probing.. it comes off really surprising and invasive…

They asked me :

1. How much money i have in my bank account

2. What would happen should my boyfriend and i break up while i’m here

3. For my return ticket which i hadn’t printed out yet because… oh yea.. I never needed to print that out nor do i think i can.

… it was just like.. whoa. I’ve just spent 5 hours on a plane attempting to make my seat somewhat comfortable… and i have this chick in my face..

sigh.. i guess that was to be expected… at least next time i’ll be ready should i come over again for like 2 months..

Anyways.. so yea, spent most of the day sleeping/watching tv/playing a game for review… so not too bad.. but tomorrow i hope to god i’ll be ready to do stuff.

Anywho, until next time ❤

Is Brad Pitt A Movie Star?.. Thursday, Sep 29 2011 

Ok, so my aunt and I were listening to Howard Stern this morning. Robin, Howard’s trustee female sidekick, has been complaining because she does not believe that Mr. Pitt is a “Movie Star” that he simply was made famous because of Angelina Jolie….

Well… Here’s a list of the movies I recognize which he has either starred or co-starred in before Jolie even slept with him :::

Thelma & Louise

 A River Runs Through It

 Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

 Legends of the Fall


 Twelve Monkeys



Meet Joe Black


Fight Club



The Mexican


Ocean’s Eleven




Ocean’s Twelve


then  Mr. & Mrs. Smith <<<<<<<<<<<<

Since then –





Ocean’s Thirteen


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button



…. I think we can safely assume Mr. Pitt is a moviestar, Robin 😉

Last two days of work ::: Thursday, Sep 29 2011 

Well.. reached the home stretch… and actually.. i’m feeling pretty good about things atm… I have almost reached one full week doing the “10-Minute Trainer” by Tony Horton which feels amazing! Sat,Sun, Mon. Off, Tues, Wed. Even had a short dance session tonight.

To me there’s nothing better than dancing exactly how i feel. I prance around.. don’t care if i look good or not, i just keep on moving. I actually used to do this all the time. When i was a kid, I’d go downstairs and dance for like an hour to Jock Jams as it was my only cd i felt I could dance to. It really releases everything… and fyi this isn’t like ballet or anything organized.. this is down and dirty Lady Gaga type stuff. I also occasionally practice ‘Single Ladies’ as it’s the only full choreography i still know.. but if i’m not feeling like moving too much, i’ll go for something like ‘Super Bass’.

Can’t really describe how it feels when i dance… i guess the only way i can is to say that like something just sparks… and you just get this kick of adrenaline then you just can’t stop smiling and dancing. So much fun. :3

Watched a new show today, Suburgatory. The two actors I recognized were Jeremy Sisto (the cute but shallow preppy dude in Clueless) and Alan Tudyk (Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball), the others don’t seem too bad either. it was a bit over the top… esp considering i live in suburbia, and honestly i don’t know if any of my classmates ever got plastic surgery or if there are moms who all go to the same country club.. eh… be i’m a non-surburbian suburban… whatever the case, I suggest this show for laughs as it does have a few… but it’s still in its beginning stages.. I’ll give it some time.

9 Days Left :::: Monday, Sep 26 2011 

Whew… so I’ve done two days worth of heavy “10 Minute Trainer”. For a long while I was just doing the two 10 minute vids since I felt as though I needed a bit of an ‘ease’ back into the workout vid routine. I did Jillian Michaels before but I really hate doing work outs that are so cut and dry. With the 10 minute trainer I can mix and match. Do Cardio/Arms/Legs one day then Cardio/Yoga/Abs the next. It’s wonderful. And then, if I don’t really have the time.. i can just do one 10 minute video.

Now whether or not i’ll see results is another thing. I know it’s wrong, but I hate dieting. HATE IT. Not only because I love the foods i need to give up, but because I don’t really have the money to make it work. You have to spend an arm and a leg to diet anymore esp if no one else in your family is up to the challenge… perhaps when i’m on my own, i’ll be able to diet a bit better, but for now.. I’m kind of stuck with whatever my nana has around the house.. which granted isn’t all that awful. I mean, we rarely eat fast food.. aside from the friday pizza nights…  our only issue is access to soda  and snack food. My grandfather LOVES his tastykakes.. and sometimes, I really just cannot help myself. I get a taste in my mouth and it makes me go crazy… Perhaps i’m a taste addict. Obsessed with whatever my mouth says it wants. Like yesterday’s pizzafest was just absolutely incredible…

sigh… i mean… i’m not really fat… i’m pretty healthy.. i just want so desparately to be toned and so entirely obsessed with the weight. Most people look at me and think i way so much less than i actually do.. when in fact i’m nearly like 10 pounds heavier…  i guess that’s where the whole… how much you weigh shouldn’t matter as long as you love yourself and how you look/feel….

I hope at one point, i’ll gain a bit more self control.

Expectations ::: Friday, Sep 23 2011 

Driving to work for the past week, I’ve noticed something about human nature that’s quite interesting; how often we either neglect other people in need and how often we pick and choose who we help.
See someone drop their stuff on the sidewalk… Choose to help them.. or just walk right past them.. not see them.. or decide that someone else will probably notice them and help them, so they don’t need me.. I mean, I’m guilty of doing the same… but esp when I’m on the highway nowadays, i’ve been pretty observant of road-etiquette. I often let people go in front of me.. but i have a limit to two cars as I can’t just be sitting there all day letting people drive in front of me. I let people make left handed turns and the like…
Today i had a run in with a Right Turn and a never slowing flow of traffic… When the light changed, I had a quick moment to turn, but I realize i’d be cutting in front of a mini-van making a left handed turn who wouldn’t have stopped for me anyways. This person then proceeded to get extremely angry and give me a view of their lovely middle finger.
I can understand why… but there’s still the issue of, how long would i have been sitting there had i not turned… who would’ve let me in? I took the middle finger route…. and proceeded to give her one back anyways just because I don’t take rude gestures kindly.

I think that’s the worst thing about cars… communication is so closed off. You can’t apologize to the person or ask the person to stop… you’re completely alone.

Though cars get us to where we need to go faster.. I’d much rather live somewhere where i can walk and not be so closed off. Also it kind of sucks if you’re on a road trip to a different place you’ve never been before.. but you have to sacrifice your passenger seat for someone else and completely miss out on all the beauty that’s passing around you…

Pregnancy ::: Wednesday, Sep 21 2011 

Looking at the tabloids about people having babies.. and people are saying that these pregnant women’s lives are over because their having to step aside out of the spotlight to have a child and surprisingly enough, it’s started to filter over into the regular public as well..

I mean, this isn’t something that has just happened suddenly… it’s been a smooth transition as people have become more career focused and set on having their free time and ability to do the things “They” want.

Which is all very well, but it’s really sad how popular this idea has become. Now, even if you’re a successful business woman, married, getting pregnant is a mortal sin against everything you’ve built. No longer can you splurge on shoes and clothing and cars and houses and vacations. No longer can you go out partying and having fun as you’re having to be responsible for someone else. Perhaps that’s it. Perhaps we no longer feel as though we want the added responsibility of a child so we can do crazy things… so we don’t have to fess up to being an “adult”. Perhaps being without child is a way that some people can keep from being fully “adult” subconsciously.

I for one, do want a kid at some point. Sure, there’s some things i’d like to have sorted out before that happens, but ultimately.. I never want to treat having a baby as something that’ll ruin my life. That’s not fair to myself, and it’s definitely not fair to the child.

but as society sees it, if you’re not Beyonce, don’t even think about having kids. You’ll ruin your life. 😦


Edit – I realize this may come off kind of like, wtf? are you saying people aren’t allowed to be happy without babies? And I just wanted to clarify, it’s not that I’d prefer people to be with children, it’s just that I’d prefer that being with child wasn’t treated like a sin so much. 😦

October 5th ::: Saturday, Sep 17 2011 

The day I go to England… for 2.5 months. 🙂

No, I did not get an internship or job. I’m going over strictly on a holiday basis which isn’t necessarily what we wanted, although, hopefully it’s a step closer to what we want. While I’m over there, I’m going to b working full time on GamingUnion.net which also means I’ll be going to events and such when no one else can… which is a bit nerve-wrecking, but hopefully i’ll be able to hold my own and meet a ton more awesome people on the way… and of course visit the already awesome people i’ve met in the past.

I’m really nervous though… i’m trying to remember how i felt when I was going to University.. how nerve wrecking that felt… i suppose since this is the first thing i’m doing as a full-fledged non-student adult it’s just as hard.

How did I get here though?… like really.. it’s hard to imagine that this is where I am after everything.. If I had become an actress, would i have known where i was going? Would i have had what i had now?… this direction?… Not to say that being an actress is wrong.. but i guess since this choice has me with my boyfriend, it’s a bit more delightful… a bit easier in all it’s complexity. I could say that this would be the case without my boyfriend.. but i think i would be lying… as much as i’ve heard the saying, “Don’t rely on your boyfriend for happiness” I still haven’t fully believed that. You can be good on your own, it’s true. I’ve seen it done… but perhaps some people are just more content with choosing this other road… This will never really be easy… but.. at least there are things that can help ease the pain a bit… i don’t really know… I guess all i can really say is that I hope for the best.

Protecting Enemies Wednesday, Sep 14 2011 

One thing I’ve never understood and will probably never understand… Why do people protect their enemies?..

It’s a concept made popular by the Godfather, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” Whereas I believe in the mentality… keeping your enemies too close may be likely to get your ass handed to you as they’ll find out too much information about you.. I just don’t like the idea of it…

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